Sunday, July 05, 2009

Academic Elite - What is it?

Okay... i always google what i have to say just to see how correct my definition might really be. For what it's worth, the Wikipedia definition is in dispute. That, of course, does NOT mean my definition is wrong!!!

Sherle's quicky definition of academic elite: folks with book-learnin' and no common sense.

Wikipedia's definition of academic elite:

Academic elitism is a charge sometimes levied at academic institutions and academics more broadly; use of the term "ivory tower" often carries with it an
implicit critique of academic elitism. Anti-intellectuals often perceive themselves as champions of ordinary people and populism against elitism, especially academic elitism. These critics argue that highly educated people form an isolated social group and tend to dominate political discourse in higher education (academia). Another criticism is that universities tend more to pseudo-intellectualism than intellectualism per se; for example, to protect their positions and prestige, academics may over-complicate problems and express them in obscure language -- things a true intellectual would avoid.

Friday, July 03, 2009

Extremists Rule....

EPA, Dow Chemical resuming dioxin talks
Monday, June 29,
(06-29) 15:44 PDT Midland, Mich. (AP) --

Federal officials are
resuming negotiations with Dow Chemical Co. over cleanup of dioxin pollution
near the company's Midland plant.

The Environmental Protection Agency
said Monday it has notified Dow that an offer from the company earlier this year
is good enough for talks to continue. Talks stopped in March, shortly after Lisa
Jackson became EPA chief.

Discussions are to resume in mid-July and
continue at least until Aug. 25. They could last longer if there's progress.

Officials say they hope talks pave the way for a comprehensive cleanup
of a 50-mile-long watershed including portions of the Tittabawassee and Saginaw
Rivers, as well as Lake Huron's Saginaw Bay.

Dioxin emissions
contaminated the area for much of the 20th century.

Dow Chemical dealing with the EPA is 'small potatoes ' compared to what the current government is doing to our country!!!

It does not appear to be a democracy anymore... but a dictatorship by the 'academic elite.'

God bless the USA...

Thursday, July 02, 2009

And NOW i have to deal with the Federal Government concerning my health???

Dealing With Vendors & Manufacturers... never easy, but let me tell you: I am convinced that one gets LESS attention as a female, even lesser that that as a female over age 65!!!

i own a Hewlett Packard laptop computer with 17" screen; paid $999 for it in August 2007. Bought a few other items, including an extended warranty on the laptop. The vendor was Best Buy. You've heard of that company before, haven't you? Same with Hewlett Packard.

These are both respectable companies, right? HAH!!!

Today i still do not have a reliable laptop computer! It is sitting in somebody's workshop somewhere (maybe in the United States, but with all the outsourcing going on, who knows?) That piece of garbage has literally been in the shop more than in my house since i bought it.

From day one i've had problems with it. Mostly it would lock up and i couldn't get anywhere with it. Had to push the button to turn it off.

Here's the litany of problems:
  1. Two 'fried' hard drives were replaced.
  2. Frequent lock-ups when i had several applications open at the same time. When i took it to BestBuy they told me there was nothing wrong with it & sent me home with my problems.
  3. Vibrations & loud noises led me to believe i had a fan problem. Took it in & they replaced the fan.
  4. Two weeks ago it would not recognize my wireless connection. i knew it was the laptop because two other computers in the house had no problems whatsoever getting online through my wireless connection. After a couple of rebooting experiences, i could not even turn the thing ON!!!
  5. Lemon policy does not apply because my second problem was not, in Best Buy's opinion, a problem.

Yesterday i wasted a good share of my day trying to reason with the unreasonable. Talked with BestBuy customer relations (hahahaha) for a half hour to learn number 5 above.

Then i talked with a HewlettPackard representative who informed me that they would have replaced it for me if i'd complained to them during the first year... since that's how long the company warranty applies. Again hahahahaha! i don't believe him.

Then he told me there have been a small number of that model computers with the same problems. For that reason they have a 'special warranty' lasting until the end of July 2009. He will send me a pre-addressed box & if i can get the computer back from BB & send it to HP, they will replace my computer with a new motherboard... which he said is the problem.

Get it back from HP? hahahahahahahaha! Impossible!!! It's 'in the shop' & i can't have it back until it's fixed.

What did i learn?

  1. Do NOT buy Hewlett Packard products.
  2. Do NOT shop at BestBuy.
  3. The 'Geek Squad' doesn't even know the difference between a product number and a model number!

Today i phoned a local hospital laboratory where i had my last mammogram. I am personally responsible for a couple hundred dollars out of MY pocket because Medicare will not pay for it. Even though i know it's a matter of negligence on the part of somebody in an office... incorrectly inputting a meaningful code, it is MY responsibility to negotiate directly with Medicare! I choose to wait until after the Independence Day holiday to argue with them!

I didn't even choose Medicare as my primary insurer. It automatically became my primary insurer when i turned age 65. Thanks to federal government. hahahahahahahaha....... Hey you guys with the white coats.... come & get me! I'm ready!!!!