Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Hey! Econutz...

...in case you haven't been up Midland Road lately - you may think you're getting the 'disease' out but unfortunately, you're KILLING the patient!

Love, your friendly neighborhood realist.

Sunday, September 02, 2007

Government does NOT belong in our backyards...

Let them in your backyard & the next thing you know they will be invading your kitchens and bedrooms!

These days people are cooking up methamphetamines in their kitchens. It's a proven fact: Drugs Kill! Does that mean government should be allowed access to all of our kitchens?

What's going on in bedrooms around the country? Well, duh! How do you think AIDS is passed on? It's a proven fact: Aids Kills! Do you see the government even ATTEMPTING to isolate those who actually HAVE the disease and are passing it on indiscrimately to other people? Does this mean government should be allowed in our bedrooms?

Tiny bits of dioxin build up in crevices and corners of a few floodplain backyards. So what? A Russian leader was fed massive quantities of dioxin. It is a proven fact: Dioxin Does NOT kill! Does this mean we should allow the government to invade our backyards?

Does this mean we should allow the government to DEMAND that Dow MUST disrupt an entire riverfront wildlife habitat? Do you think we actually CAN replace 100 year old trees & many many lesser sized vegetations? Seems like it will take at least 100 years. Do you think we should continue to allow extreme environmental wackos with an agenda to tell our government what to do and destroy our environment along the Tittabawassee River in the name of environmental protection?

What do YOU think is more dangerous to the river floodplain - small quantities of dioxins that have NOT moved in over a century? ...or total destruction of a beautiful natural habitat for all sorts of God's creatures?