Monday, January 31, 2005

and Bill says... response to the MDN article yesterday,Midland Daily News - News - 01/30/2005 - Residents will have options to limit dioxin exposure: "Bill Egerer, Midland MattersJan, 30 2005
Why is it that a news article about "RESIDENTS" contains absolutely NO comments from any residents? Instead, this reporter writes only about the regulator, the regulated and the opinions of out-of-town environmentalists. This MDN article earns another "D-" in reporting. The reporter continues fawning over two out-of-town environmental extremists without talking to ANY residents living in Midland. Voices and opinions of residents, who are majority key stakeholders, will be heard through resident group initiatives. MDN continues their advocacy journalism with unrelenting devotion to featuring the extremists' viewpoints. The true story is that Midland residents are not swayed by these groundless, unscientific scare tactics. The cleanup proposals are based on nothing more scientific than environmentalists' hysteria. Continued publication of MDN articles by this reporter, that disregard majority opinion and highlight extremists' views, speaks volumes about MDN's lack of professional reporting."

...and we at TRVoice can say 'ditto' for more than 100 people living along the Tittabawassee River 100 year floodplain in Freeland who joined us in our effort to defeat the terrorist tactics of MDEQ and their environmentalis buddies.

Sunday, January 30, 2005

Down by the river... Freeland's Festival Park... the one near the Freeland Rd. bridge. Here is a view of the bridge through one of the beautiful old trees by the river. We probably won't be able to get a picture like this after they environutz 'have their way' with Dow because this tree is behind the tags marking a barrier between the river and the public. No matter how pretty the walkway and whatever Acoutrements are built here, it won't be able to match the simple natural beauty of the riverside. Then, of course, we must add a bunch of those ugly yellow signs the wackos so enjoy putting up to scare off the public!

Meanwhile, the 'watchers' are complaining about the new framework agreement between Dow & MDEQ because it's 'not good enough' and over in Bay City, it appears some people are upset because Dow isn't taking responsibility for every bit of dioxin ever created in mid-Michigan. If you missed Thursday's article in the Bay City Times, click here to read it...Dow to argue for reduced cleanup

Environmental extremists just keep whining even harder ...and they made sure to get their two bits worth in the Midland Daily News this morning - Residents will have options to limit dioxin exposure

It would appear Ms. Heard-Rhetoric has all the reporters on her speed-dial... or is it a fact that reporters call her every time they think the news is too boring? All I know is they don't ask anybody with common sense, nor do they ask the real scientists. In my humble opinion, Kathie from Midland Daily News is just as bad as the fear-mongering environmental wackos around here because she lets them use her as their instrument of fear and destruction.

Tuesday, January 25, 2005 tax or to take a hiatus, that is the question

Just a little historical something from last summer, and across the ocean:
TV Asahi to pay settlement, air apology over dioxin report
Wednesday, June 16, 2004 at 04:00 JST

TOKYO — TV Asahi, a Tokyo-based network broadcaster, will pay 10 million yen and air an apology for a 1999 report on dioxin contamination that farmers in Saitama Prefecture said triggered a plunge in vegetable sales, sources familiar with the case said Tuesday.

These conditions are part of a settlement package TV Asahi will reach with a group of 29 Tokorozawa farmers who were seeking 26 million yen in damages from the broadcaster, the sources said. (Kyodo News)
Hmmm. Now who do you suppose should pay residents of Tittabawassee Township and the city of Midland for defamation of our residential properties, our towns and our rivers? Should we continue to ask for a tax hiatus until the 'facility' title on our residential properties disappears? What about businesses in our area?

I do not believe this should be paid for by the State of Michigan. I personally have developed a fondness and respect for Lieutenant Governor John Cherry. He appears to be a fair man, trying to reach a compromise between those lobbyists who choose to cuddle close with the Michigan DEQ and those of us who actually live here and do not want extremists to represent us.

I would also like to add that I personally do not put all of MDEQ personnel in one basket (as the 'bad guys'). Some of the DEQ folks I've met are rather pleasant people. This does not include, however, either His Majesty King Steve Chester or the really scarey Andrew Hogarth, Chief of MDEQ's Remediation and Redevelopment Division. Sorry Patricia, I still can't find anything nice to say about some people. You seem quite amiable however.

You know what!!??? I think the environmental extremists should pay us! These are the groups who weasled their way into our lives under the guise of environmental correctness. These are the people who think we're all too dumb to think for ourselves so they claim to represent us. These are the people who would vote for a minority in the Democratic party but try to defame honorable minorities in the Republican party. These are the people who divided our states into 'red' and 'blue' states. These are the people who would create a society in which all of us are dependent on the government for our very livelihoods.

Sorry, now I'm getting political again. But this dioxin thing is all about our health, isn't it? Is it?

Okay Freeland... I know how we vote...

...and that is why we are refining our nametag to TRVoice Click on the following link...The Tittabawassee River Speaks... and you will see what LoneTree Council and the rest of their rabble rousing environmental extremist buddies are all about! I heard about this site a while back. They actually started this blog after their blogging 'charactor' RW left messages on our associate website ...more voices, where anybody can voice their opinion on our local dioxin issue. These people love GreenPeace, somebody called 'Rachel' and all sorts of perverted nonscience stuff. These people criticize the rest of us, all the while claiming to represent us!

To borrow a statement on one of their websites,
"The world is run by those that show up"

Monday, January 24, 2005

from...Central Michigan LIFE

Dow, state agree to work on dioxin cleanup: Central Michigan LIFE Be sure to click on the feedback. It was written by yours truly!

MDN - 01/23/2005 - Our view: Dioxin deal a significant step

Midland Daily News - News - 01/23/2005 - Our view: Dioxin deal a significant step: "Our view: Dioxin deal a significant step - Midland Daily News 01/23/2005
Some might argue the work has just begun. But the agreement announced last week between The Dow Chemical Co. and the state Department of Environmental Quality is a significant step forward in resolving dioxin contamination problems in Midland and along the Tittabawassee River. "
This is the latest, but be patient... I've accumulated a pile of stuff over the weekend... and then there's my read on what's happening.

Thursday, January 20, 2005

,,,and now a note from Bill:

Several links to news coverage on dioxin issue:

WNEM TV5 - for video and text
Reporter Ty Milburn 2:05 minutes

WJRT TV12 - for video and text
By Terry Camp and Matt Franklin
TWO reports; 1st is 1:37min titled ABC12 Video Report and 2nd is 3:17 min titled Watch the 6PM Report

WSGW 790 -

Saginaw News -
Reporter Jeremiah Stettler covered resident groups press conference 4-5PM for a Jan 20 print.
Wed article of interest: Two Midland legislators hope to limit 'facility' designation - Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Midland Daily News -
Reporters Cheryl Wade and Stu Frohm covered resident groups press conference 4-5PM for a Jan 20 print


Resident Group Meeting with Lt. Governor Cherry

At 10AM today (January 19, 2005), our coalition of resident groups, Midland Matters (MM) and Tittabawassee River Voice (TRVoice) met in the Lt. Gov. John Cherry's office with officials of MDEQ and The Dow Chemical Company. Representatives are Bill Egerer, Founder of Midland Matters and Leonard Heinzman & Shirley Salas of TRVoice.
Meeting attendees were Steve Chester, Jim Sygo of MDEQ and Arnold Allemang (via phone), Susan Carrington and Jerry Howell of Dow Chemical.

  • must begin working in cooperation with community local health and elected officials. Continued MDEQ and MDCH usurping local officials' responsibility and roles in health issues will keep MDEQ at it's all time low level of credibility.

  • The "Facility" label issue is top priority for resolution to residents. MDEQ should begin by retracting their previous memos on facility and seek rule or legislative based resolution.

  • We encouraged the Lt. Governor's continued engagement with the dioxin issue process, particularly since the facility label and Saginaw River/Bay issues remain unresolved.

  • We hope a better coordination between various State agencies can be lead by the Lt. Governor.

  • We view the framework intent as a positive step towards defining process of continued negotiations and community involvement.

  • We support the use of science based public policy decisions and 3rd party oversight of government regulation.

  • We are generally encouraged by the announcement, but understand the devil is in the details, which we have not yet reviewed.

At 3:30PM the resident groups conducted a press conference to provide media with our viewpoints of the agreement explained to us by the Lt. Gov., MDEQ and Dow.

Bill Egerer, Midland Matters

Wednesday, January 19, 2005

DEQ and Dow Agree On Framework

TR Voice and Midland Matters representatives, Bill Egerer, Len Heinzman and Shirley Salas attended a meeting today at 10:00 am in Lansing with Lieutenant Governor John Cherry, Dow Chemical and Michigan DEQ. Rather than tell you all about it, we refer you to the press release published on the DEQ website.

The press release... DEQ and Dow Agree On Framework

Lt. Gov. Cherry pointed out that the framework does not include any changes in the 'facility' designation. He is very much aware, however, this is a major concern of most residents with homes along the Tittabawassee River floodplain. He is also aware that overblown attention to the dangers of dioxin in our area tends to frighten some of us unnecessarily. We refer you to an article in today's Saginaw News by Jeremiah Stettler... Two Midland legislators hope to limit 'facility' designation. With such level-headed elected officials aware this is a problem, perhaps a solution is on the horizon.

TRV and MM had a joint press conference today. You may have already seen us on TV5 or TV12. We also talked with Rob from WSGW and reporters for The Saginaw News and Midland Daily News this afternoon. More later...

Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Good luck shivering on that river, folks!!!

Fishermen from all over are anxious to get out and Shiver on the River for walleye this weekend! The river wasn't ready yet yesterday when I caught this picture however. With zero degree weather, only the rushing force of the Shiawassee, Tittabawassee and Cass Rivers emptying their overflow from the earlier January thaw kept the Saginaw River from freezing. It was like an ice flow race on the river!!! Today, however, Eric Jhyla just said all that ice has frozen in place and is making it awfully bumpy for the fishermen.

Yesterday a couple of local newspapers included a follow-up article about Dr. Garabrant from U of M and his study on the relationship (if any) between dioxin in the environment and the human body... 80% response rate not enough, Monday, January 17, 2005, JEREMIAH STETTLER, THE SAGINAW NEWS. You might remember I wrote what I saw at the CAP meeting last year... my report on Dr. G's very fine study! Although they had a high participation rate, a few people did not respond or were not home. If you are approached by people involved in this study, I hope you will allow them to include you.

Sunday, January 16, 2005

A quote from the misguided...

A friend pointed me to the following bit of mixed misinformation and misguided commentary from Michelle Rhetoric and her Freeland sidekicks Smokey Kathy & Gary Henry's website:
01/14/05 An open letter to State Representative John Moolenaar:

Tittabawassee River Watch has recently learned that legislation is being drafted to lift the facility designation off of the Tittabawassee River flood plain, and to change language in real estate disclosure laws on property contamination at the time of sale.

Although these are real concerns for the city of Midland, and realtors trying to sell houses along the Tittabawassee River, the implications state wide if such a bill passed could be devastating for the entire state of Michigan. To encourage people to lie about toxic chemicals to unsuspecting buyers is not in the publics best interest.

We ask that you consider the following letter to a Tittabawassee River resident from Andrew Hogarth, Chief of Remediation and Redevelopment Division, Michigan Department of Environmental Quality before attempting to introduce legislation of this nature.
The referenced letter is one written to me filled with the same meaningless unscientific rhetoric continually used by all of the environmental extremists, whether in the MDEQ bureaucracy or in the militant fear-mongering civilian ranks of Greenpeace, Sierra Club, Lonetree and others similar groups.

I tell you... that Hogarth is one scarey dude, as I first related to you in the report of my first experience at a MDEQ CAP meeting last year.

We, the actual residents along the Tittabawassee River floodplain, will really be pleased to have the designation 'facility' removed from our property. Unlike the few disgruntled people that want free lifetime medical care and big money for their houses, we want to remain in our homes without interference from the nearby econutz! We hope Mr. Moolenaar has the designation removed... and sooner is better. If this is not done we may have to resort to obtaining a residential tax hiatus until the whole matter is resolved.

Oh! By the way Ms. Rhetoric... we've had one flood along the Tittabawassee River floodplain this year. Since the local weather guys didn't make much mention of it, just wanted you to keep the number straight this year! You should have heard the ice popping and cracking as it broke off the trees, falling into the water as it recedes back to the river bed. That would be our asparagus bed along the tree line. Mmmmm! I hope we have a good crop this year.

Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Oh yes... just what we need.....

...more government control over private property! Official: Few replacement wetlands meet state standards... Web-posted Jan 11, 2005, By BRIAN FOLEY Of Capital News Service. In their ever-zealous attempts to gain even more power, some MDEQ people want even more money and even more people to crack the whip on Michigan taxpayers! All the while they do nothing to cut back on importing garbage to our state... Congress must wade into imported garbage debate and give states authority to limit volume; Tuesday, January 11, 2005.

Ah yes, while our governor goes around proclaiming crime-ridden cities as 'cool cities' she apparently ignores the genuine problems being hoist upon us from other parts of the U.S. and Canada... while my neighbors and I are dutifully rinsing and recycling as much as we can, I might add!

P.S. Did you know... Tittabawassee Township residents have to pay twice as much for our water usage - to the City of Saginaw - because Saginaw residents do not have to raise taxes to pay their own bills?

Monday, January 03, 2005

Reitz clarifies dioxin toxicity...

Just because it causes tumors in mice doesn't mean it will do so in humans. Remember the saccharin fiasco? Scientists fed massive amounts of it to rodents and extrapolated it would affect humans in the same way. It was taken off the market for years. We are finally allowed to use it again. Apparently dioxin caused tumors in mice, so here we go again. When will the bureaucrats begin to make a distinction between rodents and humans?

Dioxin shouldn't be toxin of choice for murder, Richard H. Reitz, Midland Daily News. You must read this informative article. Dr. Reitz is a highly respected toxicologist in the scientific arena. He really knows the subject of dioxin!

Sunday, January 02, 2005

One year ago..... biggest public issue concern was Religious Restrictions or Religious Censorship? That was before I discovered my yard is classified as a 'facility' by the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality. As I began paying attention to such matters it was drawn to my attention that a few residents were being used as pawns by environmental extremist groups to sue Dow Chemical for unlimited life-long health monitoring and wanted to declare all residents along the Tittabawassee River floodplain a class action group! That was hitting too close to home... as matter of fact it hit me directly in my own backyard.

Local (not in my county but Bay City, next door) extremist Ms. Rhetoric has personally commented on the fact we (TR Voice) were not interested when the whole situation began. Why were we jumping in after the fact? Well Ms. Rhetoric... we did not know early on who you are and that you claim to represent the citizens along the floodplain!

I began to learn all I could about the situation and about environmentalists and the extremist techniques for essentially brainwashing the public in order to gain their personal political goals. Yes, environmentalists have a network environment in which they gather and plan their moves. Yes, each group has their part. Their technique is to create fear in the hearts of citizens.

Then I began learning all I could about dioxin. If you haven't, you should go back into our Archive pages... listed in the column to your right..... and read some of the early basics I learned about dioxins.

From there it was a simple matter. I met many new people... Len Heinzman, Bill Egerer and I gravitated together as a leadership force for the majority, so often referred to as the 'silent' majority. Many joined us by signing petitions in our communities... Midland and Freeland..... and thus TR Voice was born. If you want to know more, if you want to get involved, contact us at which is just an initial contact source. I try to check this email several times weekly. One of us will contact you and talk with you in person or set up email contact with you.

Let's strive for science, common sense and reason to prevail in this shiny new year!