Sunday, March 26, 2006

No WONDER MDEQ rules Michigan under the 'because we told you so' rule!!!

Their counterpart on the national level, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, operates in the same fashion! I just read this article by ACSH > Facts & Fears:"We Should Expect More from the EPA"

ACSH and another group jointly filed a petition calling on the EPA to eliminate "junk science" from the process by which it determines whether a substance is likely to cause cancer in humans. They petitioned that EPA eliminate guidelines wherein the EPA labels 'likely' human carcinogens based on results attained by feeding rodents enormous amounts of chemicals to induce cancer in the rodents.

When EPA finally responded to the groups they dodged the issue by '...claiming that their Risk Assessment Guidelines are not statements of scientific fact -- and thus not covered by the IQA -- but merely statements of EPA policy.'

Sounds a little like MDEQ's definition --- and then redefinition --- of 'facility', doesn't it?

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