Saturday, May 05, 2007

I went to a meeting Thursday...

My friends & I call them 'dioxin meetings'. The chemical company and the state government regulatory people are working together to clean up a chemical they couldn't even find in such tiny amounts a century ago when it all started. I don't attend those meetings to make sure they're doing it right. They know what they are doing. I attend because I find it therapeutic! I attend because there's a gang of bullies who want to get something for nothing from the giant company. I attend because those bullies want to drag me and my neighbors along with them by claiming they represent all of us. I attend to represent me and the majority of my neighbors who feel like I do although they prefer Len and I to represent them publicly.

Midland Daily News reporter, Kathie Marchlewski gives an accurate account of the May 3 quarterly meeting presented by Dow & MDEQ in her article - Prep for river cleanup to start. Read it to know all about the meeting.

Here's what I saw at that meeting:
  • a fairly full room, mostly people directly involved in getting the work done,
  • well done presentations - given by competent, well trained professionals,
  • an angry extremist environmental activist who decided to be exceptionally rude that day, and as usual, making sure to monopolize the comments and questions portion of the agenda with his prewritten scripts in hand.
  • the usual delicious cookies.

About the Tittabawassee River: Freeland's Walleye Festival, held annually on the last weekend of April, was once again a success! I'd like to share a couple of articles about fishing on the Tittabawassee from the Midland Daily News:

Backyard March 2007

I like to call it 'Watering the Asparagus'

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Anonymous said...

Hi, my name is Michael and I come from New Zealand. Me and my fellow classmates are trying to clean up our local river and stop the pollution. I wish you all the best for your project! It would be great if you could leave a comment on my page, Thank-you!