Friday, January 30, 2009

...a Bay City Park Picture From the Past.

This is the boy i married... the summer before we married in 1955. The playground equipment he is posing on is on the beach at Bay City State Park. Children in the back are playing in the water... and they are not being sucked into the earth by muck.

Obviously this is before MDEQ and all of the rules about 'the care and preservation of wetlands.' The DNR was doing a very good job of upkeep.

To the right is that same beach in July 2004! After walking around, we were able to find the path. See? It's in the middle there! We chose not to actually walk to the waterfront only because that was the summer before my total knee replacement surgery and osteoarthritis was making it difficult for me to walk long distances without resting.
This last photo is the man i married 49 years later, winter of 2004/05... just prior to my surgery and we had no idea at the time but it was also his last winter. We went to take photos of fishermen out on the ice. Once again we were no longer near the waterfront... not realizing how sturdy the might phragmite stands!
I felt obligated to share these pics today because it is the day i celebrate the birth of that boy i married. He would be 74 years old today.

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