Friday, August 28, 2009

Wondering Why I'm all Hot Under the Collar About Politics Now?

Here's why! It's still all about saving my backyard... except the purpose has grown to include... Saving My Country!!! I'm not sure which scares me most - Nancy Pelosi and her gang of 'do-gooders' or Obama and his hand-picked bunch of socialist and self-avowed Communist advisors!!!

I'm scared to death of a President and Congress who are making changes in our country as fast as they can, without regard for what WE want! The latest proposed change scares me the most - government controlled health care.

The 'silent majority' is speaking up all over our United States... for the very same reason! It is time for us to speak out too!

Interested in getting involved? I did some searching today and here are a few places to get started:

It would appear that the Republican party as an organization, is not doing so well, as many of us are disappointed in all politicians in general..... for a variety of reasons i don't care to discuss.

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