Thursday, September 23, 2004

...and how did YOUR day go?

Okay I give up! I don't want to play anymore. The world around me has become a sewer infested with greed, apathy and ambition, sometimes verging toward legalized thievery! Socialism has invaded my space and I feel helpless in it's shadow.

The City of Saginaw - dubbed a Cool City by the Queen of Michigan... Ms. Granholm - subsequently showed her how cool they really are. Beyond the normal everyday summertime gangland activity, city officials caused a scandal by firing an employee for no apparent reason... appearances suggest it was racially motivated.

Now some history...Years ago Saginaw was actually able to vote to make it illegal for their property taxes to be increased. Rationale was that people outside of the city working in the city should pay taxes so the trade-off was a city income tax.

Mismanagement... whatever... current state of affairs brought about solutions! People moved out of the city into surrounding townships... make them pay the city's expenses. Last year they added the former Civic Center to the townships' list of expenses. Then Dow Chemical had too much money, what with cutting the payscale for longtime employees and all, so they donate an equal amount of money per year to the center... and all the center had to do was change the name! Where's our rebate?

But golly! The city STILL doesn't have enough money so they decided to rob the rest of Saginaw County one more time by charging double for the water supply in surrounding townships. A compromise solution exists... now the city decides maybe they can collect taxes from some of the surrounding communities... but aw shucks... probably only for a few years. Quote from The Saginaw News article:
"Kischnick, Nelson and Bayne have argued that the city should work with outlying areas on water supply to help promote development for the entire region. Council members, especially Andy Coulouris and Daniel G. Soza Jr., have answered that cheap water for locations such as Freeland and Birch Run would compound the so-called "urban sprawl" that already harms inner areas."
Urban sprawl!

...and then enter our State government. Our elected representatives have decided to keep charging more and more of our property taxes in the summertime so that in effect by 2007 we will be paying the state our total tax payment a whole six months earlier than previously!!! In our area only John Moolenaar did not turn on us. Thank you sir!

Top all this off with a small band of weirdos running around with a skull & crossbones across their chests - defaming the integrity of surrounding townships... trying to put one of the biggest employers in our area out of business on some superficial false charges... all in the name of environment.

I love this beautiful state... don't want to move but what do we have to do to get away from the idiocy... become hermits?

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