Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Immerman Park Clutter

Immerman Park... first time I've ever really walked in this lovely park so close to my home.
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The last time I came here to take pictures we were not allowed in... it was partially flooded and the environutz didn't want us there because we might contaminate ourselves... so we went home where the Tittabawassee River had invaded our own backyard!

This time the first thing we saw was a small group of individuals dressed in black & white with skull & crossbones across their chests... they had just completed a press conference. After they left we remained and hiked through the park. It was a perfect photo op day, cluttered only by paraphanalia demanded by environutz who had just left.

No, they didn't throw their papers and cigarette butts around; their clutter is more permanent. See the photo here? That big washing machine-looking thing is a 'cleanup station' - accompanied by a garbage can and an ugly yellow sign reminding people to wash their hands! There were yellow signs everywhere... different messages depending on where you stood! I have heard the nutz want more of those 'stations' - more of those ugly yellow signs - at all of our parks along the Tittabawassee! (Their lovely Skull & Crossbones sign added by yours truly. They would love for you to put one of those signs in your front yard!) God forgive them for they know not what they do.

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