Sunday, May 28, 2006

Property Owners and MDEQ...

..and wetlands, 'the law' and money!
DEQ director gets earful on wetlands
You've seen MDEQ in the sand dunes, on the beaches, our rivers... and in all of these cases, our personal, private property! Our taxes put paychecks in their pockets but Michigan Department of Environmental Quality continues to persecute the homeowners... this time in the Sault Ste. Marie area way way up north! You can bet your booties Mr. Chester sings all the way to the bank with our hard-earned dollars as he grins at the homeowner and says... “The law does not prohibit building in wetland areas.” adding his agency issues permits on 90 percent of the requests. “If we can avoid wetland loss, that is our mission. If it's not feasible, then we need to minimize the impact to protect as much as possible while meeting the needs of the land owner.”

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