Thursday, June 01, 2006

Letter to Editor in yesterday's Saginaw News...

view of Freeland Road bridge across the Tittabawassee River from the lowest level fishing dock ...wasn't included in the online MLive edition so I scanned it for you. Titled 'Minimal Risk' - I couldn't have said it better myself!!! Thank you Mr. Fitch... sounds like you've met some of the Lonetree gang and their merry band of MDEQ 'experts'.

BTW - perhaps this is just another of Ms. Granholm's attempts to 'create jobs' - as I observed a couple of DPW workers slaving in the hot sun to clean off the 'dioxin-laden soil' from the dock at Freeland's Festival Park the other day. Seems more like 'make work' than it does 'job creation.'

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Anonymous said...

what does this hugh guy know? please. the people at the deq have degrees. they work with legit scientists from universities and the federal government. i wouldn't trust dow chemical to give me correct driving directions. and the line 'watch the pistons' is so ridiculous. i'm sure you and this guy think global warming needs more study, too.