Tuesday, July 11, 2006

I won't say 'I told you so' but...

..have you seen our local newspapers today? We haven't read it enough to speak volumes about it yet but it appears that complaints by environmental extremists have been exaggerated more than just a little bit.

Academy review 'like the Supreme Court' (Saginaw News)

River remains toxic, but not quite as
(Saginaw News)

National Academy of Science review of dioxin due
(Midland Daily News)

Example of premature gobble-dee-gook: Tracey Easthope, who buddies up with MDEQ folks, some of the local environutz, and also has the ear of Ms. Granholm, had a comment already. She '... sees nothing ground-breaking.' Local econut, Terry Miller says, 'The review is yet another piece of science strengthening the call for cleanup of the riverbanks and riverbeds downstream from Midland.'

Strange they should feel that way since this results of this peer group review indicate TCDD is '... about 40 percent less toxic than believed during its 1998 analysis.'

Find out for yourself what the Academy says at national-academies.org. There you can read the news release, the full report or a brief version, or if you wish, you can listen to the briefing. Thank you Kathie Marchlewski, for pointing us in this direction with your Midland Daily News article.

...and later this evening I found this little gem: Asbestos and dioxin and enviros. Oh, my! It's just a little blog... go ahead and read it!

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