Wednesday, June 21, 2006

'Sound Science' Bill...

photo of Frank among the phragmites at Bay City State Park - February 2005
Read it here first: Midland Daily News says:Moolenaar's dioxin bill passed by committee. Even the DEQ likes this one so what will the enviro-extremists not like about it?

...and in case you haven't heard about the U.S. Supreme Court (in)decision on the Rapanos wetlands federal case, here it is: High court muddies wetlands rules

I'm sure you're all aware of the giant weeds along the Saginaw Bay shoreline. These monsters are called phragmites and they were in the news last week. Shoreline residents worry that phragmite problem poses fire hazard

Michigan seeks beach agreement: Compromise would involve property owners, environmentalists.

DEQ claims to be 'doing something about...' this problem but hey, folks! We put my little boat in the water last week and all I saw up and down the shoreline was those nasty, six to seven foot tall weeds! Just in case you wonder what they look like, I'm sharing (again) a photo I took in February 2005 at the Bay City State Park. Somebody saw this pic on my computer monitor and asked me where I found the old 'muddy road' in that picture. Imagine his shock and dismay when I told him it was the State Park and the 'road' was actually a trail for snowmobiles to get out on the bay ice!

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