Wednesday, February 25, 2004

When my husband started collecting signatures petitioning the Township Planning Commission and the Township Board to not rezone a piece of property near us i vowed i would keep out of it. With the Hackert Lake Association website and Reflections newsletter... my recent increased activity in the Saginaw Valley Computer Association as President... and a need for more quality time with our grandchildren, i did not want another involvement. I knew i couldn't sit back in a meeting and just observe. As you can see, i got involved.

I guess i could have kept quiet if i hadn't heard the impassioned plea of our neighbor who, with her brother, just purchased the family farm from her parents. It looks like the '2020 Plan' for Tittabawassee Township will squeeze the 'farmer in the middle' - in this case this family. They are now being told they cannot farm land east of them because the DEQ has declared it so... due to the dioxin situation and resultant possible class action suit.

We live on a road that was a winding scenic drive when we moved in. It is still a winding road. It is still a two lane road. It is no longer scenic. It is no longer serene. Traffic flies past our house all times of day and night. There is no regard for speed limits... not even around the curves designated 34 mph zones. The side roads, formerly country lanes have become dangerous entries to our road. Rarely do we see people actually stop at the stop signs. I think it is time the planners consider the rest of us residents when drawing their lines on the map.

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