Friday, February 27, 2004

Of course you all know the City of Saginaw wants to increase the water bill to Tittabawassee Township by 191%... and yet the Master Plan looks to adding all those residences by 2020. Read all about it in Wednesday's Saginaw News.

2020 is now only 16 years away... not very long when you think about it. How much real thought do you think has gone into this? They talk about being able to develop 'only' 130 more lots under the water ban!!! Then they talk about perhaps raising our water costs by 85% but LOWERING sewer costs by 25%!!! What!!!? One of the Board members is quoted as saying '...the city of Saginaw is 'raping' the Township'!!! Well, guess what folks. Looks like the Township wants to 'rape' the many residents who do not even have sewers!!!

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