Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Listen to an expert...

Midland Daily News managing editor Wirtz says... This dioxin expert is worth listening to. If you are free and able, we recommend attendance at this event this evening, Wednesday at 7 p.m. in the Auditorium of the Grace A. Dow Memorial Library.

While I'm here, did you listen to Governor Jenny's State of the State speech last night? We did... and the discussion of that meeting afterward on PBS... Currently Speaking. Kathie Marchlewski from Midland Daily News and Rob St. Mary from WSGW showed a great deal of insight in their discussion of that speech.

Bay City Times is right on with yesterday's article... Dioxin deal still needs some meat on its bones and while I'm at it, yours truly received a little pat on the back at the BCT... Dioxin deal has bloggers busy. Thanks, guys! At least one area newspaper recognizes the power of the blog. Just an fyi, Sherle (that would be me) is actually Shirley Salas, co-spokesperson for TRVoice, along with Leonard Heinzman. I write and Len talks to folks. You might call us 'the pen and the mouth - what a team!'

Dow to argue for reduced cleanup, published the same day, January 27, mentioned among others the fact that environmentalist extremists are unhappy with the framework plan. Of course they are! They have tunnel vision... never vary, never bend, never compromise. I heard, but don't have verification, they actually started a lawsuit to get rid of our previous Director of the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality. Of course they love Steve Chester... they chose him! No wonder they are unhappy with Dow and MDEQ working out their problems together. The environutz feel like they're losing control.

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