Saturday, February 26, 2005

Here's a little literature search project for you...

Gaze backat Love Canal is an editorial in response to the article I wrote as a guest columnist in the Saginaw News. Just humor an old lady... 'google' love canal 2004 and see what you get. Here's a link to my favorite one... Love Canal Revisited by Alan Caruba. Do you see why the uninformed rile me a bit? This kind of garbage is frightening some of our neighbors right here in sunny Freeland. I'm working on my best shot... if you want to give him yours, write your letter in a notepad or whatever, go here... ...fill in the form and send it! Fear not... the News will not share your address & email, etc... only your name is published. They will not publish anonymous letters. Also, the size restriction for letters to the editor of SN is 300 words.

Dick Maltboy, who wrote the letter also refers to Lois Gibbs...
Lois Gibbs relates in her book, "Dying from Dioxin," "We just knew there were too many miscarriages, too many birth defects, too many central nervous system problems, too many urinary tract disorders, and too much asthma and other respiratory problems among us.
Show us the epidemics Maltboy! Love Canal, after nutcases like you condemned it, scared the hell out of residents and forced them to leave their homes, became a place for nearby cities to dump their hazardous garbage. Now, thirty years later, even with all that, people are moving in again... still wondering where the 'sick people' are!

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