Sunday, March 06, 2005

Fish Bits and Fishy Pieces

Could you imagine this big fella swimming upstream on the Tittabawassee River for spawning? Maybe back when this picture was taken (over by East Tawas somewhere) but that was probably before the dams were built above the Tittabawassee. Have you ever looked down at the river when crossing on the Tittabawassee Road bridge... say in July, or August? If those big fish want to go upstream it will have to be during the springtime floods, unless we get lots of summertime rain... then perhaps they could go during the autumn flood. For that matter most anytime of the year you wouldn't be able to canoe the river at that point without portaging past this area. Despite that I'm delighted to read rehabilitation of this species in our area has begun. Read Sturgeon hunted in Saginaw River, a February 23 2005 AP article published in the Detroit News.

How misconceptions become facts... Cleanup called 'Band-Aid' says Jeremiah at Saginaw News, along with a 'fact' that 'The state has deemed Jacob's home on West Michigan one of those "Priority 1" properties, meaning it contains dioxin levels exceeding 1,000 parts per trillion.' After reading this assumption in the Saginaw News I heard it repeated by Sam Merrill on WNEM TV5 on the 6:00pm news. It sounded like Sam read the Saginaw News and repeated what Jeremiah wrote. When I phoned TV5 to point out the error I mentioned that I have no evidence of dioxin in my backyard, which is a priority 1 area.

I quote here the IRA Framework definition of Priority 1:
The Priority 1 IRA Areas are depicted in the attached maps (Attachments 1 and 2) and identified as follows:
a. City of Midland
i. Corning Lane
ii. Neighborhood North of Dow Facility
iii. Neighborhood East of Corning Lane
b. Tittabawassee River Properties: Residential properties where the home or yard close to the home was inundated during the March 2004 flood (a 7-10 year flood event)

Although there would be a presumption of dioxin based on propoganda from environmental extremists, I do not see the word anywhere in this description. Here's the framework... Go for it! Prove me wrong!

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