Saturday, March 12, 2005

The March 10 U/M study update meeting; what I saw

Unfortunately the environutz regrouped faster than expected. Here's what I saw at the meeting Thursday evening:
  • The Luddites were out enmasse. They seem desperate now. Along with fear tactics they now attempt to spread doubt on the whole program. Please, when you see these people on TV or quoted in newspapers just remember the words my momma always said... 'Consider the source.'
  • Lots of media people... looking for a story... true or not, something to get the readers or tv watchers coming back for more!
  • The story... a big man practically in tears, having 'a bad day' with his disease, looking for answers. I suggest Mr. Dalton's MS is more likely caused by breathing in the fumes behind a fast stinky power boat, since one of the recognized possible causes, along with genetics is ingestion of heavy metals in the environment. Read What is multiple sclerosis?
  • There was a man who received his test results even though he did not participate in the study... or so he said. I suggest any 'error' was actually sabotage; possibly an environut was hired for one of the local positions, either drawing blood or gathering information. I've heard the job postings were actually listed on one of the environmental websites... or maybe he was just plain ol' lying?
  • The environmental extemists were all gathered tightly around Ms. Heard Rhetoric. Even her mentor, Terry Miller, was there. Do you suppose they might have had a rehearsal for this meeting?
  • I saw the news media converge on the environmental extremists for more... more... more!
  • I saw nothing in neither television reports nor newspaper articles about Dr. Neill Varner's explanation that the likelihood of Dalton's disease being caused by dioxin is slim to none. Nobody cared. They had their story.
For a good description of what Jeremiah from the Saginaw News saw, read Blood results a puzzle

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