Wednesday, March 02, 2005

A TRVoice Commentary…

I heard the econutz were whining about an apparent dissolution of the MDEQ’s CAP… (that would be the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality’s Community Action Program)… so I went to their website where I found the following entry:

"Note: the CAP described below is dead and gone. The state has capitulated to Dow and has not held a meeting in over 240 days (as of 1/21/05). The open and transparent process promised by Governor Granholm has evaporated." copied from:

Since I thought a Citizen’s Advisory Panel (or is it ‘Community‘?), conducted by MDEQ was a group of DEQ folks advising citizens of current events between that agency and Dow, I was astounded to find the following explanation from Ms. Hurd-Rhetoric’s gang of river-watchers. (red highlights are mine.)

copied from:

"What is the Citizen Advisory Panel?

The Community Advisory Panel was formed to provide input to the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) on issues related to corrective action activities for Midland area soil contamination and Tittabawassee/Saginaw River sediment and floodplain soil contamination. The CAP is intended to be an advisory group to the WHMD*** on corrective action activities for contamination beyond the facility boundary of The Dow Chemical Company, Michigan Operations, Midland Plant under the hazardous waste facility operating license that was issued on June 12, 2003, and related issues.

Mr. Bruchmann indicated that this expanded corrective action public involvement effort is strongly supported by DEQ Director Steve Chester. Since this is the WHMD’s first effort of this type, he asked for everyone’s patience through the process. The initial work of the CAP will be to provide input to the DEQ on the Scopes of Work (SOWs) for Remedial Investigation for Midland area soil contamination and Tittabawassee River sediment and flood plain soil contamination that Dow is scheduled to submit on August 11, 2003. Mr. Bruchmann mentioned that the operation of the CAP could be affected if Dow contests the operating license [Note: Dow did not contest the operating license. The deadline for filing a petition for contested case hearing on the operating license is also August 11, 2003. Cheryl Howe, the WHMD’s project manager for the Dow operating license, will moderate the CAP and provide staff support, along with several other agency technical staff.
It is expected that the group will control the topics that are of interest to the CAP and topics will emerge as meetings progress. "

Boiled down to it’s basics, it would appear the MDEQ CAP was created by Lone Tree so Lone Tree could tell MDEQ what to do about ‘all that dioxin’ in my backyard… in the process falsely claiming to represent the majority of citizens living along the Tittabawassee River floodplain.

WHMD*** ‘Waste and Hazardous Materials Department’ of the DEQ.

A note to TRVoice members: When this 'facility in my backyard' thing is over and done, my job here is done. My blogging, however, will not stop. Why? Because I believe now, more than ever, that a blog, written by a responsible individual, can be a powerful tool.

A note to property owners everywhere, but especially if you live near or frequently enjoy the beauty and benefits of a river, stream or lake. Like creatures lurking in the night, when exposed to the light of truth the extremists and fear mongers will scurry about... then they will regroup.Their semantics will change but their mission will not. Your property is still in their vision. Watch for words like wetlands and watershed.

In my last post I mentioned Love Canal because it was used as a reference in a letter to the editor, Saginaw News, in criticism of my guest editorial. We cannot stress enough the fact that even as families are moving back to Love Canal there has been no scientific evidence of pockets of illness in former residents. Oh by the way, here in our own Tittabawassee River floodplain, where are all the sick people?

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