Wednesday, October 05, 2005

dioxin study update & more....

No, I didn't know about this meeting that will take place in Freeland Thursday... or I would have planned my week a bit differently. I'm beginning to think the people who hold these meetings really don't want us to attend them. If they did, wouldn't there be a bit more advance notice?

Dioxin study update coming Thursday in yesterday's Saginaw News

...and then I read this in my newsfeed: Researchers say new center will remain independent by Tomislav Ladika, Daily Staff Reporter, October 04, 2005. For the pessimists who try to claim U/M and Dow are in cahoots, here's my read on things. Dr. Garabrant and his department are taking advantage of their expertise in the dioxin study by creating a whole new opportunity for the University of Michigan and for generations to come! I say, go for it, doc! Here I quote from the article:

'Director of the center, David Garabrant, a professor of occupational medicine and epidemiology, said the center — a division of the School of Public Health — will focus on researching the risks that industrial chemicals and pollutants present to people and the environment.'

Occasionally we receive a comment here at TRVoice. Some of them are self-promoting and I delete them but I never delete a relevant comment, even when I do not agree. We received such a comment recently. You can read it here. This person gives us her perception of a case where soil appears to have been moved from one location to another. I guess I've noticed that location along the floodplain but never thought much of it. I really don't believe it was moved to build up foundations of homes in Midland. I guess she left me with a question too - Where did that soil go?

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