Sunday, October 30, 2005

It's not about dioxin... again...

Giant zebra mussels? I had to share this photo of the lower walkway at the new Festival Park. I think it's SO cool the way the fence shadows show up on the rocks!

This morning, the newsfeed with my morning coffee announced: Dioxin survey tests public input - an article in today's Saginaw News.

Aha! At that point I recalled something litigant Gary Henry said during his comments at the Saginaw County Board of Commissioners meeting last week! He mentioned tests (plural) proving 'most people are afraid of dioxin in their yards.' He also mentioned EPA and MSU as though they were among several organizations doing such testing...obviously using the environmentalist extremists' favorite tactic of muddying the facts with fiction based on truth. Read the article and know a bit more of the truth.

A few points I gleaned from the article:
  • The study, sponsored by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, was actually done by Michigan State University. (Based on environmental extremist 'logic' this means the MSU study must be biased in favor of the EPA's point of view (FYI - environmental extremists' just love EPA!)
  • Purpose of the study was not to solve the dioxin problem but to discover the best way to talk about it.
  • The most effective meeting format was an "issue forum" (round table).
  • These forums took place July and August 2004.
  • Nine neighborhoods were involved. (The article doesn't say where.)
  • Researchers knocked on more than 1000 doors.
  • 378 people answered survey.
  • 145 residents said they would participate in a forum.
  • Only 53 people out of those +1,000 people from nine neighborhoods actually attended the meetings.

As far as I can tell, the only thing that this study proved is that most people do not know or care about the dioxin issue. Participants already have copies of the report and the report will be submitted to EPA later this week. Well! The litigious few (the Henry's) get their information before the EPA? How skewed do you think this 'study' is, anyway? Folks, this is typical of the pseudo-science those people like to use to scare the general public into believing in their goals. They use environutty-logic to tell their environutty-truth!

If I hadn't delved deep into the center of all that pile of newspaper this afternoon I wouldn't have found the Agenda for the MDEQ/Dow meeting scheduled for November 6 November 9. It was hidden on the left-hand bottom of The Saginaw News Section E, page 5 - next to a couple of big ads and below a small article about fixing toilets. In case you missed it, or can't find it, I wrote about the meeting yesterday right here.

When in doubt, check us out! I remain, vibrantly healthy and vocal, your best source of facts vs. environutty-facts along the Tittabawassee River floodplain!

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Anonymous said...

I can see that you receive a lot of response from your mission on your site. Levels of pollution have been set by upstanding scientists and politicians from both parties. It is the Governors responsibility to enforce those pre-established regulations. The problem now is that regs are too strict because Dow can not meet them. Oops! So sorry, the regs have to change. It seems to me that Dow should have followed the regs in the first place! So anyone who reads a few pro-pollution books that justifies new standards of pollution is an expert to rally a cause, could be associated and assumed that monies are recieved from the party who is being attacked by these regs.