Monday, October 17, 2005

Dr. Crummett in the news...

...'Uncertainty' needs to be addressed in dioxin debate - says the headline in Midland Daily News... editorial written by Warren Crummett. If I'm reading this correctly, Dr. Crummett says that scientists still do not know what quantities of dioxin exist in the environment. As I mentioned last Friday, scientists are speaking of extremely tiny amounts in terms of 'all that dioxin'... a trillion is a pretty big number. Don't believe me? Start counting. Let me know when you're done!

Mr. Linhart left a rather lopsided comment about Dr. Crummett's article on the online version of MDN Sunday. I thought it was ridiculous so I left a comment about Linhart's comment. Midland Daily News apparently did not like what I had to say. They did not print it. For your information, here is what I had to say.

Mr. Linhart, it is much easier to criticize than it is to actually solve problems. Perhaps that is why Dr. Crummett is a world reknowned scientist and you are not.

If Dr. Crummett and his colleagues had not taken the initiative to quantify dioxin in such teeny tiny little quantities there would be no 'big dioxin problem' in my backyard and the backyards of all my neighbors along the Tittabawassee River floodplain today. There would be no litigious environutz claiming 'Dow's dioxin' has made their residential properties worthless. They would probably be trying to find some other reason to sue Dow, since their leaders in the Lone Tree Council would undoubtedly find some other reason to rouse the rabble!

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