Wednesday, August 16, 2006

It's been a busy past two weeks for the dioxin issue...

...and quite informative! Yesterday, local papers reported results of the University of Michigan study of a comparison of dioxins in the human blood with dioxins in their physical environment. Since all had the same info, I'm sharing here the one from Midland Daily News titled Dioxin in Midlanders' blood - even though it relates to the whole study. Here also is today's article in The Saginaw News, written by a new young intern reporter, Vince Bond Jr: What does it all mean?

Gotta tell you - I want to share what I saw at this meeting but this is undoubtedly one of my busiest Wednesdays in a long time! Attended business all morning and I'm trying to get this in before a mid-afternoon appointment. This evening - another commitment... so I guess you'll just have to wait until tomorrow. Meanwhile, I'd like to share the handouts from last night. You can find them all by going to the U/M Dioxin website.

...and just because I already saved this collection of local articles for those who do not read every page of every local newspaper, here is a variety of viewpoints for last week. In case you don't have time to read them all, you must read this one, published 8/6/2006 in the Midland Daily News - This article was actually written by enviro-extremist Terry Miller, with comment by Kathy Henry, to whom Yours Truly left a comment. In light of the general attitude of the majority of residents along the Tittabawassee and latest information from Dr. Garabrant's 2-year study, do they not appear quite foolish?: Forum: Looking for more than words; it's time for action

Published 8/11/2006 - Saginaw News article about the MDEQ/Dow quarterly informational meeting to the public last week at Horizons. - First soil sampling segment complete

...and these two, published 8/10/2006 in the Midland Daily News - Contaminated sediment won't be removed yet

The way the river moves: Dow is working to find out

Published 7/27/2006, this article covers Dow projects to clean up water around the world... even developing technology for third world countries without electricity. -
Dow re-energizes clean water efforts - Midland Daily News.

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