Friday, March 05, 2004

This was my back yard at noon today.
no mowing todayThis is my back yard just about every spring and often again in the fall. It sometimes happens other times as well. We grow asparagus along the tree line back there. We've been harvesting it, eating it and sharing it with our family for years. There are people new to Freeland complaining that the floods from the Tittabawassee River are causing them health problems. The DNR has determined our land is 'contaminated'. It has rained since then. The Sanford dam has most certainly been spilling water downstream, making electricity. The river is still coming up.

Because people are suing Dow Chemical about their perceived dioxin situation, our property is worth less now than it was in the past. We just received our annual property tax increase statement. They use different terminology but it is nonetheless a tax increase. It should have been lower, but life goes on. The leaders in Freeland do not want to lose sight of their dreams to put Freeland's traditional farmers out of business and build houses, apartments and duplexes where crops are now grown. They must keep getting more money... that money they previously projected would be there so they can achieve their vision. Do you not see something wrong with this picture?

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