Wednesday, April 21, 2004

Oh boy!!! I'm angry!!! I'm kind of flaming actually! Why? There's an Earth Day presentation at Delta College tomorrow. I have another engagement during the day but planned to get to the presentation. I thought it was planned for the evening. Well it's not! I hope you can go. I hope you will make a grand entrance. Here are the details:

The Long Shadow

Earth Day

It's being pushed by Michelle Hurd Riddick and her cronies, Lone Tree Council and The RiverWatch gang. Here are excerpts...

"The Long Shadow details the dioxin controversy in the Tittabawassee River and the City of Midland starting in 2002, from public notification by agency whistleblowers in January to the failed bailout in December. The story highlights the plight of three floodplain families concerned about their health, their property values, and the corporate and government forces that acted against them. The story is told through contemporary videography, historical photos, and interviews with floodplain residents, environmental advocates, key government officials, and state lawmakers. "

We need you to attend this meeting to represent us.

Shirley Barton Salas
Tittabawassee River Voice Steering Committee

p.s. Does it just grind you a little bit that people who have day jobs will not be able to attend without taking off a day from work?

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