Friday, April 16, 2004

Okay... had a holiday. I know it's not politically correct to 'have religion' but we had a religious holiday... Easter for us Christians... and we like to spend it with family. I wonder if liberal environmentalist extremists celebrate religious holidays. Hmmmm. Anyway...

I get my Saginaw News online at MLive and I finally found the letter I and several others wrote to the editor a couple of weeks ago and published Wednesday, April 07, 2004. It starts with Protecting our interests written by a poor misguided soul, but is followed by three excellent letters written by people in the know. That would include yours truly, another brilliant resident, and a medical doctor who's been around awhile and knows what he's talking about.

There are several of the stories by Jeremiah Stettler, the young reporter I praised after reading his unbiased articles... the one I'm referring you to is pretty much a synopsis of the dioxin situation here in mid-Michigan... headlined Where some see villain, others see bad fiction published Sunday, April 04, 2004 in the Saginaw News.

But it made my day when I opened up email this evening to find another letter from my good buddy Ron... who doesn't even live on the flood plain although he used to have ponies and horses that grazed along the flood plain and drank water from the river... and this is a guy who loves his animals. He still raises ponies and he's just an intelligent guy that likes the good ol' out-of-doors and critters and nature. He reminded me of a toxic waste situation in the early 1900's in the southwest part of Saginaw. I'll post his letter over on Quotes and Comments when I finish here but meanwhile...

Here's what's for dessert tonight! Would you believe I never heard of the Ben & Jerry's dioxin enriched ice cream until tonight? Darn! ...and I've only been buying the cheap stuff with less fat in it! Anyway I found this article at The thing that made me bust out laughing though is that Ben & Jerry are apparently rather extreme environmentalists themselves who have been complaining about dioxin in the environment somewhere! After finding out their ice cream has more than the average amount of dioxin in it, what did they do? Nothing! They informed the public their wonderful, delicious, dioxin-laden ice cream will not change.

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