Monday, April 05, 2004

The Sunday April 4 edition of the Saginaw News made a big impression on me. Jeremiah Stettler did an excellent job of reporting on our local dioxin issue. He reported all sides fairly without interjecting a lot of propaganda for any one side. Unfortunately I've been unable to find any of his Sunday articles on the internet version of the News so I'm afraid you will have to buy or borrow a copy if you don't receive it at home.

I was so impressed I finally wrote a letter to the editor with my views. I wrote that letter for the approximately 1,900 of us who choose not to be included in a class action suit against Dow Chemical concerning this dioxin issue, but would prefer to see you write your own letters. Did you know you can send your letter to the editor via email? Just be sure to give them your real name, your address and phone number so they can verify you really wrote the letter. They do not publish all that information... just your letter, your name and town. Why don't you write them now... while it's still fresh on your mind! The address is:

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