Tuesday, November 30, 2004

ABC12.com: Disputes over wetlands continue

ABC12.com: Disputes over wetlands continue and in case you missed it, you can read the transcript and even view the video report. Excellent job, Terry! Just like the Kozaks say, DEQ is out of control! They don't just have control of the 16% wetlands in Michigan... and of course any natural bodies of water... rivers, streams, inland lakes, the Great Lakes, but yes they also have control over sand dunes... and I'm sure there are other areas in Michigan I just haven't read about yet!!!

Oh! I know!!! They also are responsible for anyplace in Michigan where there is a possibility that an endangered species could live, whether it lives there or not!!!

Just as Tom Kozak said, the MDEQ is out of control. They apparently answer to nobody... and their 'science' is whatever they want it to be to prove what they want to prove! There is no oversight committee or scientific group making sure they do things correctly. We citizens pay their big fat salaries... and when we ask them why they named our land a 'facility'... or why they won't let us develop our property, the answer is 'It's the LAW!!!' Then they say 'We don't make the laws, we just make sure the law is carried out.'

Now that's all a bunch of crap! The MDEQ and their special friends, the environmental extremist wackos hassle our legislators into making those laws! Our legislators go ahead and make the laws because they don't realize what their constituency really wants! The extremists go bopping around Lansing, lobbying as representatives of residents. The majority... that would be us..... stay at home, mind our own business, improve our homes, improve our property, until somebody who works for the DEQ notices you did it without getting a permit from them. Then all Hell breaks loose!

Thanks to MDEQ and their royal monarch, Steve Chester, the Michigan Taxpayer is rapidly becoming totally under the control of DEQ bureaucrats!

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