Monday, November 08, 2004

This IS about the Environment... and more

Pundits thought the 'Losers' had this election all wrapped up. They finally decided too many of the wrong people voted in the 'Jesus
states.' 'Jesus States' are all the red ones! I was disappointed Michigan was NOT included until I looked at Michigan... lower right... and found out that, thank God, Michigan still has more 'Jesus counties' than not.

The mass news media, tort lawyers, extremists, and every other group based on the belief that the average human individual is incapable of taking care of her/himself, joined the Democratic party in wondering what went wrong.

This went wrong!
  • The minority (hedonists, atheists and their do-gooder supporters began to slowly and methodically take the Christian God out of all public areas of the United States.
  • Advocates to protect our environment went nuts...each group with their own special little projects. It matters not whether the creature, plant or piece of geography is 'of value' to the environment. Evolution be damned! Extremist wackos don't want Jesus and they don't want evolution!
  • Sue the bastards became a mantra! Under the theory that most people are too dumb to protect themselves, the legal system is increasingly bogged down with creating fear in the hearts of honest doctors, lawyers and manufacturers in the U.S. The average tort lawyer's objective is to make mountains out of molehills... and to fill their own pockets based on the natural greed of humanity.
  • The silent majority woke up... and discovered that all those extremist advocate this & that's were claiming to represent us and our governmental systems were buying it! I truly believe Lieutenant Governor Cherry thought the environmental extremists represented residents. When he met with us he realized that is not the case. I'm not so sure about Ms. Granholm. I don't think she 'gets it' yet. She has not yet based her 'ideals' on reality... Government officials are still meeting with the likes of Tracey Easthope (Ann Arbor) Lena Polock (from ?) and Michelle Hurd-Rittic (Bay City).
FYI...Environmental Extremists are already regrouping, evidenced by the following email from one Environmental Extremists to her followers...

'Subject: E-M:/ Michigan Environmental Action Calendar
From: "Stephanie Anderson"
Date: Fri, 5 Nov 2004 11:32:25 -0500
In-reply-to: <>
List-name: Enviro-Mich
Reply-to: "Stephanie Anderson"

Working collectively and individually to build a politically powerful, statewide infrastructure of pro-environment groups will be one of the keys to our long-term success. In that vein, the Michigan Environmental Council is in the process of creating a web-based calendar to post, track and coordinate the wide array of actions that environmentalists are taking around the state.Â

It will be up soon, but for now you can post to our temporary calendar at You’ll need the following info in order to post your own events: Login is “enviro” and password is “power.” You can also simply email a list of those events to me and I’ll get them posted for you.

I’d love to hear your feedback on this as well as other ideas that you have for helping your efforts to build power.


Stephanie Anderson | Field Director
Michigan Environmental Council
517-487-9539 office | 734-657-9588 mobile'

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