Monday, November 15, 2004

MDEQ CAP Meeting Featuring Linda Birnbaum Cancelled

Okay, what's going on?!!!?? Last week the email went out announcing a Community Advisory Panel meeting presented by MDEQ... supposed to be concerning the dioxin controversy in the Tittabawassee River floodplain and extended to include the Midland area near Dow Chemical. Didn't read about it in the newspaper until... today!

For some reason our Saginaw News was not delivered today but just as I was leaving for physical therapy our friend Howard stopped by and showed me the article in his freshly delivered Saginaw News... announcing the meeting will be held Wednesday - WOW!!! two days notice!

Got home, logged into the internet and right there on my Yahoo Homepage what did I see?... The meeting featuring Linda Birnbaum is cancelled! Ms. Birnbaum is ill; the meeting will be rescheduled. Here is the article as I copied it from The Midland Daily News:
Dioxin meeting scheduled for Freeland canceled
Kathie Marchlewski, Midland Daily News 11/15/2004
A community meeting for residents wanting to learn more about dioxin and health has been canceled.
The speaker, Dr. Linda S. Birnbaum, is ill and won't be able to attend the meeting scheduled for Wednesday at Freeland High School.
The meeting will be rescheduled as soon as possible, said Michigan Department of Environmental Quality spokesman Bob McCann. The MDEQ had requested that Birnbaum come to the area to offer "basic background" information on dioxin. The agenda did not include discussion about the local contamination issue or ongoing negotiations between the state and The Dow Chemical Co., though Birnbaum was planning a question and answer session on dioxin and potential health effects.

Well, go figure! This is the second cancellation. Hmmm! What's it all about? Stay tuned.

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