Saturday, December 11, 2004

Dioxin in (and moving quickly out of) Yushchenko

Doctor: Yushchenko Poisoned With Dioxin... this article from news, basically the same story being run across the U.S. in all media forms. During the past 24 hours testing was done in Amsterdam which confirmed he had been poisoned with very high levels of dioxin. Doctors declared the dioxin is rapidly leaving his system and no functional damage will remain. The chloracne takes two to three years to heal according to their dermatologist, Hubert Pehmberger.

I hope all of our local environmental extremists who have been spreading the old scare tactics about dioxin chew on this information for a little while.


Meanwhile, I need to tell you what I saw at the CAP meeting with Dr. Garabrant's team on Thursday, December 9.

First... lots of media coverage.

Second... lots of brain power, loaded with knowledge about dioxin. Not only is our own Dr. Varner well versed in all aspects of dioxin and it's possible effects, or lack thereof, but he introduced me to Dr. Warren Crummet, known around the world as one of the foremost experts on dioxin. Dr. Crummet was accompanied by two other gentlemen, Drs. Skelly and Belfit. Freeland was truly privileged to have these highly qualified men attending this meeting in our town.

Many other interested parties attended the meeting, but those who stood out were, unfortunately, those with negative attitudes based on the misinformation passed out to them by our local environmentalists. Somebody asked why Lonetree and MDEQ were not there and the Chair, Veronica Horn, told them all parties knew the about the meeting in advance.

They sure did! They maybe weren't there but their ideas were. The poor gentleman who read his notes to us about his concerns... something to do with people who have died recently in our area, even had a bit of difficulty reading what they had written for him. (This is only my presumption because I'm sure he would have had no problem if he had written it himself.

What did I learn from Dr. Garabrant's update? The dioxin study is going exceedingly well. Unfortunately this means I am not one of the people chosen for the study, as I have heard nothing from his group. The study is going according to plan and if everything continues going so well, the results will be made known to all of us by 2007.

Am I worried? Is Mr. Yushchenko worried about his case? Of course not! I have no doubts... if there is found to be some sort of horribly bad correlation between dioxin in the soil and in the bodies of those living along the Tittabawassee River floodplain, we will be right in line to have our blood tested by a government agency or Dow Chemical.

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