Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Kathie M's Report on Saginaw River Dredging

High dioxin levels found in Saginaw River This is a good piece of reporting done by Kathie Marchlewski of The Midland Daily News!

I would like to balance her article however by giving a bit of history to it. Fishermen and boaters in the area are very familiar with Gull Island out in Saginaw Bay. How did it get there? I'll tell you.

'Way back in the olden days... before Dow Chemical figured out how to measure dioxin, the Army Corps of Engineers regularly dredged the Saginaw River... to keep the navigational channel open for shipping commerce. This same commerce was good for our local economies. They dumped the dredged materials out there in the bay where it grew into Gull Island!

It was a great fishing area... boaters dropped anchor out there on a hot summer day so the kids could go swimming. We did it! We ate perch from the bay. It was very fresh, very tasty!

Do you know anybody who used to fish and swim out there? I'm sure people still do. Has it harmed them in any way? A note to LoanTree and Ms. Rhetoric, fear mongering is NOT a good thing!

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