Thursday, December 23, 2004

Think History of Saginaw...

I planned a holiday break but am mentally unable to take a break from reading and viewing the news. The latest dioxin-related incident once again involves not 'our' river but the Saginaw River. Dioxin levels puzzling from The Saginaw News, December 21. WNEM also ran a bit about this dilemma. Alix Hayes sent me an email requesting input. Unfortunately I didn't check my email that day until it was too late to respond to her. Next time, Alix! For now, here is my read on the subject.
  • There was a big ol' stinky city dump upstream. The garbage was always smoldering... creating furans and probably dioxins too, since they burned everything.
  • The Malleable Iron Factory was upstream. They melted iron... scrap and otherwise, blending it to cast into molds... creating waste product from the furnaces and the product.
  • All kinds of runoff in the Shiawassee flats - upstream - from farm runoff and more.
  • What is on the property at Saginaw Rock Products?
  • How isolated is the river area around the 'hot spot' in the river's bend?
From mutterings I've heard, the acreage the Corps of Engineers wants to use is not in immediate proximity to homes. The land is isolated and would be perfect for such a project. The people complaining have been agitated by local fear-mongering environmental extremists who must constantly 'stir the pot' to keep the public fearful of progress. Happy Holidays!

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