Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Don't Forget December 9 Dioxin Meeting...

Well! Seems to be a Blogger glitch this morning! I guess it's the price we must pay for such a popular concept, eh? I hope this 'cures' it!

Reminder from the University of Michigan Dioxin Exposure Study website.

SAGINAW - The Community Advisory Panel for the University of Michigan Dioxin Exposure Study will hold its next meeting on Thursday evening, December 9, beginning at 6:00pm at the Freeland Elementary School Cafeteria, 710 Powley Drive, Freeland, MI 48623. The public is invited to attend.
A team of University of Michigan scientists is conducting a two-year study to see whether residents of Midland and Saginaw counties have been exposed to dioxins that are in the soil. The Community Advisory Panel is made up of local community leaders. The purpose of the panel is to provide a forum for community residents to express their concerns about the dioxin problem, to discuss the study, and to help the investigators communicate more effectively with the involved communities. The current status of the study will be presented at the CAP meeting and there will be opportunity for questions and discussion.
"The University of Michigan is working to get the facts about whether dioxin that is in the soil is also in people's bodies" said CAP Chair, Veronica Horn. "Dr. David Garabrant, head of the U-M dioxin study and his team are working to make this study a success."
In order to be successful, Dr. Garabrant stresses that it is important that people in the involved communities understand what this study is about, and be willing to participate in the study. The U-M began collecting field data earlier this fall. The CAP meeting in December will be the first opportunity for UM researchers to provide the CAP and the community with an update on the status and progress of the study.
Information about the Community Advisory Panel has been posted on the study's web site: www.UMDioxin.org. More information, such as future meeting dates, times and locations, will be posted as it becomes available.

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