Sunday, January 30, 2005

Down by the river... Freeland's Festival Park... the one near the Freeland Rd. bridge. Here is a view of the bridge through one of the beautiful old trees by the river. We probably won't be able to get a picture like this after they environutz 'have their way' with Dow because this tree is behind the tags marking a barrier between the river and the public. No matter how pretty the walkway and whatever Acoutrements are built here, it won't be able to match the simple natural beauty of the riverside. Then, of course, we must add a bunch of those ugly yellow signs the wackos so enjoy putting up to scare off the public!

Meanwhile, the 'watchers' are complaining about the new framework agreement between Dow & MDEQ because it's 'not good enough' and over in Bay City, it appears some people are upset because Dow isn't taking responsibility for every bit of dioxin ever created in mid-Michigan. If you missed Thursday's article in the Bay City Times, click here to read it...Dow to argue for reduced cleanup

Environmental extremists just keep whining even harder ...and they made sure to get their two bits worth in the Midland Daily News this morning - Residents will have options to limit dioxin exposure

It would appear Ms. Heard-Rhetoric has all the reporters on her speed-dial... or is it a fact that reporters call her every time they think the news is too boring? All I know is they don't ask anybody with common sense, nor do they ask the real scientists. In my humble opinion, Kathie from Midland Daily News is just as bad as the fear-mongering environmental wackos around here because she lets them use her as their instrument of fear and destruction.

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