Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Good luck shivering on that river, folks!!!

Fishermen from all over are anxious to get out and Shiver on the River for walleye this weekend! The river wasn't ready yet yesterday when I caught this picture however. With zero degree weather, only the rushing force of the Shiawassee, Tittabawassee and Cass Rivers emptying their overflow from the earlier January thaw kept the Saginaw River from freezing. It was like an ice flow race on the river!!! Today, however, Eric Jhyla just said all that ice has frozen in place and is making it awfully bumpy for the fishermen.

Yesterday a couple of local newspapers included a follow-up article about Dr. Garabrant from U of M and his study on the relationship (if any) between dioxin in the environment and the human body... 80% response rate not enough, Monday, January 17, 2005, JEREMIAH STETTLER, THE SAGINAW NEWS. You might remember I wrote what I saw at the CAP meeting last year... my report on Dr. G's very fine study! Although they had a high participation rate, a few people did not respond or were not home. If you are approached by people involved in this study, I hope you will allow them to include you.

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