Sunday, January 02, 2005

One year ago..... biggest public issue concern was Religious Restrictions or Religious Censorship? That was before I discovered my yard is classified as a 'facility' by the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality. As I began paying attention to such matters it was drawn to my attention that a few residents were being used as pawns by environmental extremist groups to sue Dow Chemical for unlimited life-long health monitoring and wanted to declare all residents along the Tittabawassee River floodplain a class action group! That was hitting too close to home... as matter of fact it hit me directly in my own backyard.

Local (not in my county but Bay City, next door) extremist Ms. Rhetoric has personally commented on the fact we (TR Voice) were not interested when the whole situation began. Why were we jumping in after the fact? Well Ms. Rhetoric... we did not know early on who you are and that you claim to represent the citizens along the floodplain!

I began to learn all I could about the situation and about environmentalists and the extremist techniques for essentially brainwashing the public in order to gain their personal political goals. Yes, environmentalists have a network environment in which they gather and plan their moves. Yes, each group has their part. Their technique is to create fear in the hearts of citizens.

Then I began learning all I could about dioxin. If you haven't, you should go back into our Archive pages... listed in the column to your right..... and read some of the early basics I learned about dioxins.

From there it was a simple matter. I met many new people... Len Heinzman, Bill Egerer and I gravitated together as a leadership force for the majority, so often referred to as the 'silent' majority. Many joined us by signing petitions in our communities... Midland and Freeland..... and thus TR Voice was born. If you want to know more, if you want to get involved, contact us at which is just an initial contact source. I try to check this email several times weekly. One of us will contact you and talk with you in person or set up email contact with you.

Let's strive for science, common sense and reason to prevail in this shiny new year!

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