Monday, March 08, 2004

Gonna be a 'yucky' cleanup job! The flood is receding. In a few days... maybe more... we will be able to see our back yard again! It will look all scummy and grey. It will have piles of residue that floated down from upstream. Some of this residue will undoubtedly include residue from the huge bonfires somebody had over by Freeland road when they trimmed and cut down trees along the side of the road! Those fires produced dioxin. See the junk wrapped around my apple tree? There are piles like that around every tree in the flats!

Who will clean up this mess in our back yard? We will, of course... the homeowners, both now in our latter sixty's! We've been doing this for over forty years now. In 1986 we even had all that mucky yucky stuff in our house... over five feet of it... complete with snakes and frogs and God only knows what else! We cleaned that too; we and our family who all took time out from their own busy lives to help us during that time.

Guess what folks! I think if anybody thinks they 'got sick' from spending time in their back yards along the Tittabawassee River, it's because of all those high priced chemicals they hire ChemLawn and TruGreen to spray all over their lawns to kill everything that isn't pretty green grass! However, thanks to all that complaining, my property value has gone down! Now I couldn't sell it if I wanted to. Guess we'll have to give it to one our kids.

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