Thursday, March 11, 2004

Update: Today's Saginaw News has an article you might want to read... Flood-borne sediment includes dioxin. The DEQ, who created the 'dioxin frenzy,' now warns us not to touch anything touched by the flood waters. Did they run right out here, take a sample and analyze it already? Of course not! I've never seen the DEQ around and we're right in the midst of it! We still plan to clean up as soon as it's dry enough to walk around our back yard.

Of course I never do outdoorsy stuff without a little planning and a bit of common sense. Here are a few simple guidelines...
  • Don't expose open scratches or cuts.
  • Wear gloves when touching yucky stuff.
  • Don't ingest dirt or dirty water
  • Take off your dirty boots before you go in the house.
Thank you, Howard, for advising me so soon of this news article.

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