Thursday, March 25, 2004

Okey dokey folks! Are you getting fed up with all the dioxin scare crappola going on around here? You know, it's really hard to keep up! First we have people suing Dow because all their illnesses must be related to having a chemical giant in the area. Dow responds by hiring a study to determine dioxin levels in the wildlife along affected river areas. They also respond by donating money to a university for an independent study.

Of course some half-whacked environmentalist group has to come along and complain about that!

Meanwhile a U.S. governmental agency, EPA, funds a study - by the same university - to find out why I am not suing Dow too! Just because there are a bunch of uninformed people gullibly believing everything they are told, doesn't mean those of us who think for ourselves have to jump on the lawsuit-happy bandwagon.

Enter the out-of-towner... the tort lawyer from Kansas City. He wants to bring all of us down to the lemming level!

Occasionally one of us sends a letter to the editor chastising the media for fear mongering. This is good!!! I'm suggesting everybody who just wants this whole ridiculous thing to go away (that would be us - the silent majority) join a letter writing campaign... not just to the editor of your local newspaper, but to your congresspeople. Tell them how you feel. God knows the noisy minority is doing a good job of it!

Meanwhile I'm going to keep on bloggin'! You are invited to leave your 2cents worth here too --- in the comment area --- or on my little 'sister' blog where you can blog as much as you want to just by clicking on "Post Article" at the top of the page. Choose "Create a written article" - write what's on your mind and post it! Don't worry about messing up. If you do, I'll fix it.

Oh yes... also would like you to check out this little webpage. See if you don't agree with the premise. Later...

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