Sunday, August 15, 2004

The Holland Sentinel tells us...
"State deciding next step after dune ruling. Court earlier awarded $1.16 million to couple who own land along Lake Michigan shoreline. By RICHARD HARROLD, Staff writer"
Which immense bureaucracy has too much power? Could it be....? What? Right! ...that would be the all-powerful Michigan Department of Environmental Quality.

What is your response, MDEQ? Oh! That's right! You are just 'carrying out the law.' ...and who writes the law? Oh that's right... our legislators! So they thought up all those laws giving you all that power? Hmmmm?

Oh! It's the 'will of the people'... that would be us, the residents of Michigan? Oh! I get it. We told you to brand our homes with a 'facility' designation! We told you to decide we can't build homes in certain designated places! We told you to make all of our decisions for us!!!

Oh! You mean there are groups who represent us who go talk to the legislators and tell them what we, the residents, want? Is that correct? ...and those people are called lobbyists? Hmmm! ...and some of these lobbyists are environmental extremists, each and every group having some very 'special' interests?

Well!!! I've been voting for more than forty years. I've voted for Presidents, Vice-Presidents, Representatives & Senators, Judges and all kinds of peripheral political positions but I don't recall EVER voting for a lobbyist!

Extremists, environmental and otherwise, are supported by larger organizations like The Tides Foundation. The Tides Foundation is supported by rich billionnaire people like the ketchup heiress who feel like they have to tell the rest of us how to live... and how to spend our money.

Huh? Did you say we live in a democracy?

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