Thursday, August 19, 2004

Watch out for these extremists... PETA booksthey are out to scare your kids into a vegan lifestyle! A Rat's Life is one of three comic books PETA offers to kids in their new effort to educate them. Well, let's change that word 'educate' to brainwash, okay? The Clarion Ledger published this article about PETA's recruiting efforts in one small agricultural town in Mississippi. They don't want you eating chicken or eggs either! Hmmm... they haven't gotten around to fish yet but I'm sure they will!

You really need to visit PETA Kids to get the full effect of how extremists work to frighten people into accepting their beliefs! Here's an example to make them dislike dairy products...
"Today is “Ice Cream Sandwich” Day, but in behalf of cows, we’re renaming it “Tofutti Cutie” Day. These fab summer treats are just like ice cream sandwiches except that they don’t have tons of fat, pesticides, and pus … and best of all, no cows are involved!"

Why do I mention this here? I suggest some of the people who put us in the middle of the dioxin squabble between Dow Chemical and MDEQ really believe the propaganda dished out to them by environmental extremists! All extremists work with the same tools - fear and intimidation. They even take classes so they can get better at it! If you don't believe me you can check out the Ruckus website where they are currently offering 'training camp' sessions for rabble rousers!

Look folks, we know dioxin is a bad thing... we neither eat it nor bathe in it! We are saying what has been said forever... all things in moderation... the poison is in the dose... etc.

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