Thursday, August 12, 2004

Time sure flies when a body decides to take a few days break! Just finished updating myself on the local newspapers... added the URLs in case you missed them. I also read an interestingly twisted article by Michelle Heard Rhetoric at the TRW/Lone Tree website... from now on referred to as the sounds like science link... anyway, click the pic to read what she said this time. Once you get there you also have to click on 'News' and look around until you find 8/10/2004. One of the many misconceptions Ms. Heard Rhetoric passes on to us is as follows:
'We've had two episodes of flooding this year which deposited additional contaminated sediments onto the floodplain.'
Well, where I live (I think it's the floodplain) we had four... count them FOUR separate floods this spring, but then after all, she represents the 'residents' doesn't she? She talks about 'our' parks and 'our' yards but she probably never saw any of 'our' floods!

I've provided a link to the over on this page to the lower right and on our links page. I think it's important to check out their rationale periodically to keep in mind how ludicrously some people can sound like science! The whole website is sort of convoluted but once you click around on a few of their links you'll get the idea.

For sure I hope you'll read Dr. Varner's article in the Midland Daily News. Dr. Varner is a real scientist and a compassionate man with real interest in our health and welfare.

Nobody says dioxin is safe. That is foolishness... but remember this... the poison is in the dosage! Where are all those sick people anyway?

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