Wednesday, August 18, 2004

How 'wetlands' bureaucrats crush private property rights, a WorldNet Daily Exclusive Commentary by David Stirling. I don't know Mr. Rapanos and I don't know if I would like him or not if I ever met him but I do know he has been treated unfairly for no apparent good reason. Here are a few words from a Federal District Court Judge concerning Rapanos' dilemma...

"So here we have a person who comes to the United States and commits crimes of selling dope and the government asks me to put him in prison for 10 months. And
then we have an American citizen who buys land, pays for it with his own money,
and he moves some sand from one end to the other and the government wants me to give him 63 months in prison. Now if that isn't our system gone crazy, I don't
know what is. And I am not going to do it."
You need to read the commentary to see the whole picture! I never fail to be amazed by MDEQ. So much power, so little expertise! God bless America. God save the State of Michigan!

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