Friday, August 27, 2004

Illinois Conservative Politics...
...has an article by Joyce Morrison about people all over the country whose properties are being stolen from them by government bureaucracies because they have been deemed to be wetlands. Not only that, they are being labeled as criminals and being fined for violation of 'wetlands laws.' These 'wetlands' include farms and former farms that are now untended, a wildlife refuge, and our neighbor Rapanos, a land developer.

What is this all about? People... just ordinary people across the country are being fined for violating laws we didn't know existed. Not only that, in many cases the laws didn't exist when we bought the land. Something needs to be done soon! We need to rescind some of these ridiculous laws that harm the very people that pay the taxes that pay the bureaucrats that fine us as criminals for breaking the laws the bureaucrats created to keep themselves employed.

Joyce Morrison lives in southern Illinois. She is a chapter leader for Concerned Women for America and she and her husband, Gary, represent the local Citizens for Private Property Rights. Joyce is Secretary to the Board of Directors of Rural Restoration/ADOPT Mission, a national farm ministry located in Sikeston.
She has become a nationally-recognized advocate for property rights

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