Wednesday, May 26, 2004

Attention all victims of DEQ and
their Environmental Extremist buddies!!!

Ah yes, as I warned you, the DEQ wants to declare the City of Midland a toxic facility now! The local news media tells me they are also checking out all the wetlands in Michigan!!! Who's next? What will be left of our State... formerly known as 'the water wonderland'?

Our friends in Midland have similar problems and have requested that I post this message. We need solidarity to accomplish our mutual goals. Following message from Bill Egerer, Midland resident:

The new Midland Matters! resident group is walking with signs at 5:30PM Wed. before the 7PM Community meeting. We encourage folks from the Tittabawassee River Voice to join the walk. Signs are already made. Just need to show up and join the walk that is demanding MDEQ to remove the 90ppt limit action limit and facility classifications. We're expecting the organized enviro activist groups and Midland Matters! wants to show a counter force of residents and walk in front of the MCFTA (Midland Center for the Arts) building.

Just a little 'aside' --- DEQ has a CAP meeting across town in Saginaw - Swan Creek Road - from 4:00pm-6:00pm -- then the meeting in Midland at 7:00pm. It appears they want to be everywhere at once! Is this by chance or by choice on their part? You be the judge.

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