Monday, May 03, 2004

Freeland's big Walleye Festival was last week! What an event! This small town was literally stuffed with people... not just fishermen but bargain hunters as well. bargain hunters line the streets and roads of Freeland I'm convinced most of the local area is not aware of the frustrations being thrust on us by the DEQ and LoneTree putting residents in the middle of their ongoing argument with Dow Chemical.

Matter of fact, even some of the reporters are praising the clear water quality of the Tittabawassee River! Bob Gwizdz, syndicated columnist for Booth Newspapers, wrote this article titled Great Comeback. Scientists know there is no dioxin in water. Dioxin rests in the soil and sediment and is not soluble with water!

Did you know LoneTree wants Dow Chemical to pay for dredging the Tittabawassee River? Do you know what that would mean? Sediments that have been laying deep in the ground under the river would be dug up and floating where our walleye and other fish could feasibly ingest some dioxin laden sediment along with their food supply. Dow would have to bring in big equipment, ripping out trees and other natural habitat along the river, to get at the river for dredging... and where would LoneTree allow them to put all the soil brought up from the river bottom, eh?

Don't you agree it's time for the non-scientific environmental extremists got out of my life and the lives of the other 2,000 residents along the Tittabawassee River flood plain? Don't you suppose there is a reason EPA named the acceptable level of dioxin at 1,000 ppt? Don't you agree that the change in Michigan to 90 ppt was more than a coincidence? It is truly a political matter. Write your congressmen and tell them you resent being used by environmental extremists as a pawn between Dow Chemical and DEQ! Not sure how to write your Congressmen? Here is a quick and easy reference guide... How To Write Your Representatives.

Mike Goschka, my State Senator, gave me a copy of 'A Citizen's Guide to State Government.' Thank you Senator Goschka!!! I borrowed a bit of the info for my version of the letter how to.

Speaking of letters, there was another great one in the Saginaw News recently! Here it is for your reading pleasure. I was hoping to be able to link to it at MLive, but they do not publish all articles from the newspapers, so here's a photocopy of the letter.

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