Tuesday, May 11, 2004

Put this date on your calendar
May 26 - Midland Center for the Arts Just announce on TV5 news at noon - put on by DEQ. We need lots of us there!!! It's beginning to get serious folks.

Dolly Dioxin can't get into her Yahoo identity any more. She's thinking somebody tried to hack into it some way and messed it up. Read her entry in more voices for details.

One loyal member just sent me an email... told me something I didn't know. I'll just quote her here:
I'm laughing today. The river has once again overflowed into my back yard. I'm wondering what the news mediawill have to say about this. And, Immerman Park is again flooded. It's really ironic. The Governor just had Bierlein clean up the last mess. ...they wouldn't let his (the county supervisor's) men touch it which he thought was a big joke. This is how our money is being spent.

Don't you believe the environmental extremists at LoneTree and DEQ should 'get it' by now? We've been cleaning up our own backyards from floods for 45 years... some of you less... and many of you more than that!!! NO ADVERSE EFFECTS FROM DIOXIN!!! So who is right? Somebody trying to 'make a name for herself' or the facts???

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