Thursday, May 13, 2004

  • The City of Midland link below doesn't 'work' anymore. It did when it was posted. Their regular website is just fine. Midland is a beautiful city. I hope DEQ doesn't make it into a ghost town!
  • Another environmental extremist group attacked Dow yesterday, according to today's Saginaw News. This group is complaining about a common bug killer, chlorpyrifos, approved by the Environmental Protection Agency, and proven safe by millions of dollars worth of expert testing.
  • That action instigated another mob that wants to stop killing mosquitos! (This involves a different chemical... not made by Dow.)
  • A bunch of protesters were expected at the Dow Annual Meeting today.
  • Whenever the wind blows off the river it stinks like dead fish! Dam managers open the dam; the river comes up; fish go where they shouldn't be; the river goes down; dead fish.
Moral of the story is...
  1. Kick 'em when they're down.
  2. Close down a city because you hate the company that created its prosperity.
  3. Feed the mosquitos your blood. Let the West Nile virus flourish.
  4. You are NOT forgiven for anything you or your forefathers (or a previous company) ever did... ever!
  5. Healthy fish stink when they die.
  6. Last, but not least... when the environmental extremists 'win' we all lose! No more jobs in Michigan. No more taxpayers because people who want to work will have to move out.
...and when it's all over and Michigan is a big empty prehistoric marshland, all the environmental extremists can go back to making the world a better place (in their own minds) in your neighborhood!

Keep the faith and read .....more voices too!

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